JAMESON CASKMATES STOUT 40%ABV – Irish whiskey – triple distilled – malted and unmalted barley – ex bourbons and ex stout beer barrels –

Color : pale ale, caramel.

Nose : vanilla, coffee, sugar, caramel, roasted malt, rancid apple, clementines, resine and hops…

Palate : lots of sweetness, softness and mellowness here. Some Stout beer notes, yeast, full of malt, iced coffee with cinnamon powder, sweet caramel, vanilla and brown sugar…

Finish : not particulary long, sweet, dry and becomes bitter with oaky notes…

Comments : mouthwatering, good, easy and very affordable. You can enioy it neat, with ice or into your morning coffee (like me)…Interesting and unique whiskey that opens the limits between these two universes *beer and whisky* that are btw not so different.

Jameson Caskmates
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  1. Bevvietime

    Very nice! 👍👍 Thanks for the review! .. this is a tasty dram! 🥃✨🥃 Cheers!


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