Glenlivet Cipher
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Unknown casks…but there are Sherry casks involves I’m telling you.
Color : gold jewelry.
Nose : hard candies, caramel cubes, cinnamon stick, barley sugar, ginger candies.
Palate : we feel the Christmas spirit; cinnamon biscuits, sugar, chocolate beech, sweets, gingerbread. After a little aeration, the texture thickens somewhat, and the raw sugar disappears to make way for candied fruit and strawberry jam.
Finish : explosive finish and seems short, but takes time to set up. Some Christmas spices remain in the mouth after the finish.
Comments : blind tasting experience +++. A good dram, conducive to the holidays! After a few months of opening, the whiskey gains complexity and strengthens. I didn’t like this dram that much at first. It was good, but nothing more. After a few months (and a few drams), I started to really appreciate it !
Glenlivet Cipher
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I never liked vodka&orange or vodka&cranberry while going out in the Montreal Clubs. I was always drinking whisky&ginger ale or whisky&coke. At some point, I just let go of the liquors and started drinking whisky neat... I hated the taste but damn was I a badass in front of my friends ! Eventually, I stopped being a douche and started enjoying finer drams. Today, I’m making it my mission to taste every whisky and to know everything there is to know about spirits, wine and beer !

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