A beautiful lineup of Orcadian American Oak Sherry Cask. If you didn’t already know, I’m a sucker for anything Highland Park. All the expressions below have a higher influence of American oak, compared to the 12-18-25yo core range products.

Highland Park 10 (40%abv) Canada(750ml)/Sweden(350ml) exclusive – 60-70$. The new bottling (Viking Scars) is available more widely though.

Color: Pale Straw
Nose : Sharp nose with tropical fruits, pineapple, lemons, light peat smoke and hints of sherry.
Palate : Sweet and delicate at first. A little too watered down. Then you get more tropical fruits and some honeyed ashes.
Finish : Peppery and short with some smoke. Again too watered down.
Comments : it’s a really great introduction to the brand and really different from the 12. I personally preferred the 12 over this but it’s something different, sharper edges than most HPs.

Highland Park 15 (43%) Now discontinued, but plenty remain in stores in the US. It was discontinued in Canada around 2013 – 90-150$

Color: Straw
Nose : Great nose! Sweet lemon candy with some floral notes. Salted Caramel, vanilla and a little smoke.
Palate : Much more body to this one! Briny maritime smoke with orange peel, salty lemons, honey and dry oak. Some subtle sherry notes.
Finish : This one has more heat than the 10.

Comments : medium-short finish, dry with a lot of oak, pepper and some light heather peat smoke. It’s really a shame that it was removed from the core range!

Highland Park 21 (47,5%) Also discontinued but plenty remain in stores – 350-450$

Color: Amber
Nose : Candied Orange peel, heather, sherry, marzipan and briny air.
Palate : More candied oranges, honey, salted caramel and heather smoke. Amazing mouth feel and perfect abv. Old dusty sherry and oaky tannins. This is almost like Triple Sec orange liqueur, I love it!
Finish : Long and savory. Dry sherry with spices.

Comments : Could drink this all day if my wallet would permit it!

Highland Park 10-15-21 - The influence of sherry seasoned American oak
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