Previously, other than the really expensive Jura 1984, there wasn’t much from the Jura distillery that I really appreciated. This new Jura is not blowing my mind, but is definitely helping change my mind about this distillery. The new Seven Wood came out a few weeks ago, and it’s pushing the limits with the amount of diffenret types of wood finishes/maturation involved. The seven different types are as follow: first-fill ex-Bourbon American white oak (8 years from what I found), and then Limousin, Troncais, Allier, Visges, Jupilles and Les Bertranges Barrels.

Jura Seven Wood, 42%abv. Around 70-100$

Color: Mahogany Gold

Nose: Oaky tannins with a sweet delicate aromas. Some candy and red licorice.

Palate: Soft texture, sweet with fuzzy peaches, apricots, stone fruits and subtle whiffs of smoke.

Finish: Medium to short finish, slowly drying out with light spiciness and some lingering sweetness.

Comments: I was expecting much more wine influence from a seven wood whisky! Still really enjoyable though and much better than what I’m used to from Jura. If only this would be 46% or 48%, it would be amazing! For the price range, there is no deception here.

NEW RELEASE - Jura Seven Wood
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