ODDITY ALERT! This whisky is something really special. It was made with an old technique that is now forbidden since 1989, paxarette! Paxarette is a kind of reduced sweet sherry that used to be brushed all over the interior of a cask before putting them in vacuum chambers for the wood to absorb it, and then casks were refilled with whisky. It’s the old school, intense way of “sherry seasoning” a cask. And in this case, it’s REALLY intense!

Mannochmore Lock Dhu 10yo, 40%abv, double charred casks. Bottled around Y2K.

Color: Dark ruby, cola like.

Nose: Sweet sherry wine (of course!), aged balsamic vinegar, figs and a ton of raisins.

Palate: Brings back memories… You know those little Sun-Maid raisin boxes we had as kids (and in military rations) well it’s just like shoving the whole box in your mouth! (We’ve all done it… at least I did!). Dry with a lot tannins and some acidity. Cooked fruits with espresso-like flavors and hints of black licorice.

Finish: Extremely dry, short, but the tannins remain for a while, until you find a glass of water to rehydrate!

Comments: Overall, an experience I’m glad I was able to live. Nowhere near a balanced whisky but still somewhat enjoyable. If you have the chance to try it, do it!!

Loch Dhu 10 yo - Mannochmore Distillery
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  1. Gavin Gillin

    Very interesting. I have heard of this technique, but I have not known the name for it. Thanks for sharing


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