Virgil Kaine Electric Owl

Virgil Kaine Electric Owl (Limited Release)

100.1 proof  50.50% Abv

9Yr Sour Mash

Finished in American Ale Barrels that previously housed Pinot Noir

Colour: Deep Caramel

Nose: Vanilla and Dried fruit

Palate: Spice with dried fruit and that ever present caramel

Finish: Fruity sweetness with a pepper kick

Comments: Seriously, if you can get your hands on some of this it’s definitely worth it.  Virgil Kaine is located in Charleston, SC and so far from the two expressions I’ve been fortunate to try, they are doing everything right. Electric Owl has everything I would want in a good sipping bourbon, sweetness, spice and caramel charred oak flavour.

Virgil Kaine Electric Owl
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