Lot N°40 12 yo Cask Strength (2017, 1st Edition)
Bottle 0232/4968
12 yo
Virgin Casks
Color : Maple syrup.
Nose : fruity attack in prunes and pears. Rye bread, toast, oak and alcohol complete the nose.
Palate : good structure, quite unctuous. Just spicy enough, as you would expect from a rye, Jalapeños, steak spices. In the background and after the spices have grown and then lost a bit of their power, there is a little more sweetness from fruits, vanilla and caramel. A touch of alcohol is felt in the mouth, but nothing too aggressive.
Final : very long, very spicy, with a strong attack of alcohol ! No subtlety. This is the Laphroaig of Rye whiskies !
Comments : you have to love rye. Very much. Fortunately this is my case. It’s excellent, it’s different, and we are entitled to an exceptional product ! As this is a 1x time only products, I am very glad that I have 4 bottles (thanks to a friend of Renee’s) 🙂 This year, Corby will release the 2018 Lot 40 CS, this time a 11 years old !
PS : The statue is of Maurice Richard, a French-Canadian hockey player from the 40s and 50s…he is my personal hero !
Lot 40 12 yo Cask Strength - 2017
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