Macallan 12 years old Double Cask
12 years old
100% ex-Sherry, European oak and American Oak (more of the latter)
Color : bright gold.
Nose : the nose well embedded in the glass and the mouth closed, notes of dried fruits typical of the use of sherry casks go up immediately. We are entitled to figs and dates. The nose is quite subtle however … better not get too far from the glass to continue to smell anything !
Palate : the texture is very light. This is the first thing you can notice … no oiliness or roundness. Immediately, I taste some fresh fruits such as apple and pear, with a very subtle citrus (lemon). Once swallowed, one feels more the character of sherry with walnuts, and as for the nose, dried fruits.
Final : all spices, no fruit is present. It starts aggressively on the end of the palate, to get lost slowly in the back of the throat.
Comments : nothing WOW about this whisky, but it’s not bad at all. It is definitely missing a few percentage points to make it a better Scotch, if only 3 or 4% ! It lacks panache, but at the same time for a drink everyday, it’s good. The use of both European and American Oak creates a nice and welcome contrast in flavours. It pairs very well with a Camembert.
Macallan 12 yo Double Cask
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