Highland Park Vintage 1978 (47,8%abv) Bottled in 2011. Travel Retail Exclusive, Not available in Canada. 33 yo. 680 Euros (WhiskyBase)

Created by Master Distiller Max Mcfarlane, the Vintage 1978 is the 6th release from the Highland Park Vintage Collection. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a sample of this amazing liquid a while back. This whisky, as many Highland Parks, is a combination of American and European Sherry Casks.

Color : Mahogany.
Nose : Strong and dusty, old leather covered book, wet wool, old sherry, raisins, dark chocolate. Beautiful nose I would expect from an old dram like this, could litteraly smell it 2 feet from the glass.
Palate : A lot of dry oak but also has an oily, almost waxy texture with the typical HP heathery and honeyed peat but fainted with all those years in the cask. Some cinnamon and walnut notes as well. A real delight!
Finish : Dry and smooth, lingering for a while with oak, white pepper, warm spices (cinnamon again), some leather and raw almonds.

Comments :  A completely amazing dram of which I wish I had a full bottle! Those old Highland Park bottling really offer something exceptional, and this one is no exception, especially with the perfect ABV of 47,8%. I would recommend to anyone to try this at least once in their life!

Highland Park - Vintage Collection 1978 - 33 y.o.
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