Glenmorangie Bacalta
46% Non Chill-Filtered
No Age Statement
Ex-Bourbon casks and extra aged in casks that held Malmsey Madeira emptied and dried in Madeira
The Bacalta is part of the Private Line of whiskies from Glenmorangie. These editions are annual release expressing aspects of different casks. The main objective is to innovate and offer a variety of flavours not encountered a lot in the wild. The Bacalta is the 8th edition from this serie, the 2017 release.
Color : straw yellow.
Nose : there is a strong impression of Madeira wine, candied fruits, the sun tapping on the head. It’s nap time, except that I have a job to do, taste this nectar of the Gods! The nose is absolutely delicious !
Palate : very syrupy, no dryness in the mouth. I first feel the influence of Bourbon casks with the vanilla and orange chocolate side. Then comes the influence of Madeira : we are in the red fruits jam and marmalade spectrum. This palate of flavours really comes out strong, taking over the Bourbon related ones. There are more hints of fruits with some apricot puree.
Finish : a perfect finish between a Scotch, slightly aggressive on the end of the palate, and a Bourbon, long and comforting down the esophagus.
Comments : a HUGE success this Bacalta. Drink again and again and again and again … you understand the principle. A great experience on a hot summer day, or in the middle of winter if you’re missing Summer ! I cannot stress you enough to get a bottle while you can find them !
Thank you to The Bootlegger l’Authentique for the generous poor !
Glenmorangie Bacalta
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