48% ABV
Ex-Bourbon casks
FYI, the 8 years old is now a regular expression from Lagavulin.

Color : light liquid gold.

Nose : First, big smoke of resinous wood then comes notes of apple, pineapple, hay, herbs, cereals (barley), black tea with lemon (maybe even lapsang souchong), pepper, ginger and English Worcestershire sauce (consisting of barley malt vinegar, molasses, tamarind and anchovy), peat and liquorice with notes of candy marshmallows grilled in campfire or licorice candy, smoked sausages and anchovies / sardines.
Palate : opening with smoky and raw horizons…a lot of smoke, earth, spices as well as austere dry and vegetable flavors (not unpleasant at all)…notes of tea, found previously on the nose (in a more astringent and bitter way) and becomes oily with some citrus notes at the end !
Final : sweeter, returns to the liquid smoke and ashes, then on the vegetable side while ending long on an impression of “Ricola” candy with licorice and aromatic herbs. Cough syrup also comes to mind …
Then, again this smoke coming out through the nostrils !
Comments : This Laga 8 is really a young single malt “nature”/ raw but, it is by far not devoid of interest and pleasure! I loved it, a pure delight! For the 200th anniverary Lagavulin offers us, with humility and without complications this younger expression, frank, young and punchy 8-year-old in moderate price (so a larger number of fan are able to take advantage of a special offer, and to make a snub to all those NAS-over-priced-limited-offering).
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  1. Matthew J Ryan

    I love it nico ! Very nice review keep them coming

  2. Bevvietime

    Very nice review, Nico! .. good to know the 8 y.o. Is now a regular bottling. 😁👍


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