Longrow Red 13yo Malbec
51.3% – Cask Strength
11 1/2 years in ex-Bourbon casks and 15 months finish in South African Malbec Wine
Longrow is a line of peated Scotch from Springbank (Nico Whiskies favourite brand). A few years ago, they started an annual “Red” line which consist in a wine cask finish. It is always bottled at cask strength and there aren’t that many bottles available every year.

Color : fresh ginger.
Nose : light peat on the nose, tannins, winey side. Accompanied by peeled oranges, clementines and vanilla branch.
Palate : very fat on the palate, with peat in the foreground and wine adding a touch of complexity. Next come black licorice, cherries and a light caramel. For a whisky up to 50%, the alcohol does not feel agressive at all in the mouth.
Final : short, powerful, high in alcohol, with this hint of peat always in the background.
Comments : very impressed by this Longrow. The balance of peat and the use of Bourbon and wine barrels is superbly expressed, allowing every aspect of the whisky to express itself clearly without supplanting others. Definitely a line I should have looked after when it started its release. You can find them ? Grab’em !!!!

Longrow Red Peated Malbec
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