The Glendronach 15yo Revival


Bottled 2015 (now discontinued)

Matured exclusively from oloroso sherrycasks

I read that the whisky is muc older than what it claims, the production in the distillery having stopped between 1996 and 2002, my bottle being of January, 2015 I leave you to your calculations…

(Profile: fruity, spicy, powerful, heavy sherry influence , greedy and syrupy..)


Color : dark amber, red mahogany.

Nose : OMG intense sherrybomb alert ! Perfumed notes of grilled and crisp caramel, toasted and coniferous wood, dates, burned matches, coffee beans, greedy cappuccino, dry raisins and oranges with cinnamon. Afterward, milk chocolate, hazelnuts, vanilla, clove, leather and forest notes (humus, mushrooms, wet wood, autumn leaves) entering in the organoleptic arena.

Palate : Amazingly powerful. Fat, sweet, bitter, ample and rich. Flavours of cold coffee, hints of well integrated sulfure, walnuts liquor, orange peels and prickly cinnamon… then figs, almonds powder and a lot of bitter dark chocolate.
Finish : Very long and full of taste… Dusty and slightly bitter / dry, with notes of woody vanilla, nutmeg as well as fruity recollections (prunes or badly preserved dry apricots) and chocolate (can be even some cocoa??).
Comments : It is, imho, a deeply complex, rich and delicious dram. In brief, a big typical sherried whisky without concessions, uncompromisingly and truthfully made, just as I love it ! Heavy, powerfull, intense, but also onctuous, sweet and sooo silky… Just FA-BU-LOUS !



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  1. Salim

    There is a lot of mystery behind this age statement ! I think it brings something special when you taste it. I like your review. #organoleptic

  2. Dramtastic.86

    This is my favorite of the Core Range Glendornach bottles. Lets hope the new (don’t know when they release it) 15yo will equal this perfect sherry dram.


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