Arran Port Cask
8 to 9 years old
8 years in Bourbon barrels and finishing in Port casks
Arran is situaded on the Isle of Arran, between Campbeltown and Mainland. The distillery is most famous for having almost all its bottlings at 46%ABV and higher, or even cask strength, which is quite nice in an era where a lot of single malts are 40% !
This bottle was first matured in ex-Bourbon casks and then finished in Port casks. Wine finish (except Sherry) has really taken off in the last 10 years. So let’s see how it compares against other classics.
Color : bronze.
Nose : lemon mixed with cherries soaked in chocolate. Fruits from the orchards: peaches, green apples and nectarines.
Palate : sugar and acidity are balanced. We feel the influence of Porto with rich notes of chocolate and red fruits. The rest is under the influence of the fruits, with a citrusy tip of citrus: lemon, but especially grapefruit.
Final : long and strong, marked by the higher alcohol level. Hints of milk chocolate and lemon are felt.
Comments : I always recommend the Glenmorangie Quinta Ribbon when it comes to Scotch finishes in Porto casks. Although I would not stop recommending it to beginners, the Arran Port Cask has just taken its place for confirmed hobbyists. Everything is there: the influence of Porto, the texture in the mouth, the long finish, the high alcohol content … At 80 $ CAN it’s a must have!
Arran Port Cask
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