Amrut Rye Single Malt

No Age Statement

50% ABV

100% malted rye from Europe

Aged in India in American oak


Color : coppery orange

NOSE : jasmine flowers, ginger bread, jelly of crystallized fruits, fresh (cool) oranges, Grenadines, guava nectar, goji berries, pineapple pie covered with granulated sugar, caramel, vanilla and bread made with rye flour.

PALATE : relatively explosive (? 50%vol), sometimes pleasant, sometimes cutting, but always a bit concentrated and fat.The whisky opens first of all on a syrupy sweetness with a lot of acid fruits, which is transformed, afterward, into roughness / dryness because of the cereals, oak and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin). It then finally returns little by little on sweet and pastry with some slice of brioche spread with liquid caramel and flavours of Christmas cake called ChristStollen (made of candied fruits, raisins, barks of citrus fruits, cinnamon, almond pastes and covered with a thick layer of icing sugar).

FINISH :  Very very long, rather powdery, more floury, firm, reminding me that it’s a spiced whisky with also for me in supplements, notes of dry/compact rye bread, breadcrumbs of gingerbread, pancakes, dry wood and grilled molasses.

COMMENTS : Indian Rye is a new experience for me. Anyway in my opinion, it is a wonderful, very concentrated and unique whisky, with captivating and frank flavors (tropical temperatures and angels’ share made a fantastic work here) . The ABV is perfect and easy to enjoy. The evolution of the profile and the flavours (without being however out of balance) during the tasting are really impressive and well mastered ! I looove it ! I really need To discover more Amrut stuffs !

Amrut Rye
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