Four Roses Single Barrel – LE 25-4R
50% ABV
Aged in American white oak casks
Costs less than roses
Tastes better than roses
Gives a better moment than roses
Credit : Yan Aubé
Four Roses, situated in Lawrenceburg , Kentucky, uses a complex and unique process to make their (well-deserved) award winning Bourbons : they have 10 recipes that they combine in different proportions before starting the aging process.
In this particular case, the Single Barrel uses the OBSV recipe : Four Roses distillery (O), mashbill B (60% corn, 35% rye, 5% malted barley), straight whiskey (S) and yeast strain V (delicate fruit). What does all that mean ? Read below !
Color : Cuban cigar.
Nose : in two levels, Bourbon and Rye. First, the flavors of Bourbon with vanilla, barley sugar, coconut and a hint of orchard fruits. Then, subtly and in gradation, come the flavours from Rye: steak spices, cinnamon and rye bread crumbs.
Palate : subtle and full at the same time ! The arrival in the mouth is done in a perfectly graduated way, with a very sweet and round entry to follow with an explosion of flavours : caramel, vanilla, coconut, raisins, pears and cherries. Surprisingly sweet for so many flavours and a 50% ABV.
Final : rather short and drawn on the rye with a return from the steak spices.
Comments : allright, I’m sold ! It’s good, it’s scalable, it gives a challenge, it’s pulpy and explosive and subtle all at once ! What a great success ! I am very happy to have chosen this bottle within my budget…AKA a gift card from a colleague😎
But honestly, for 50$CAN, it’s hard to do better, even if I have to pay for it !
Four Roses Single Barrel LE 25-4R
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