Tipperary Watershed

47% ABV


Aged in 6 different ex-Bourbon first fill casks


Tipperary Distillery is situated in the Golden Vale, in the South of Ireland. The distillery was founded in March 2016, making it a very unique place as it does not releases its own products right now. What they currently do is they select casks around Ireland that represent best the spirit they are creating. This is a very unique and creative to gain revenues while the whisky is aging. Many distilleries have put on the market not finished ”whisky” in order to have revenues, thus ”damaging” the brand name.

Color: pale yellow, hay.
Nose: warm citrus, vanilla, hint of caramel.
Palate: silky/ creamy, vanilla, honey.
Finish: medium/long, more of the honey and citrus fruits.
Comments: delicious and smooth as well as refreshing. It’s like taking a bite of a lemon meringue pie. Pairs amazing with a crescenza cheese.

Tipperary Watershed
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