Laphroaig 10yo cask sterngth (BATCH 10 – 2018)

58%ABV (Cask Strength)

Non chill filltered

Ex-Bourbon casks


Color : amber honey.

Nose : aromas of steams smoke, conifer sap, caramel and spicy barbecue sauce as well as woody notes. Then, huge peat; sometimes from automobile garage, sometimes from medicine chest and sometimes maritime; with typical aromas of camphor, plasters, solvent, disinfectant, clay, tires, motor oil , smoked fish, algae and earthy sand… I also detect a lot of pleasant fruity scents (rather exotic) with green lemon peels, mango, guava, passion fruits, skin of apples and mature kiwi.

Palate : intense and crunchy, then becomes more and more smooth. I feel a lot of oily medicinal peat, some sugar, exotic fruits, pepper / hot pepper, sweet wood, honey, some white chocolate cream and licorice.  Imho here the salty hints does a crab towards long final one sticky.
Final : indeed I found, in this long and deep aftertaste, notes of mango, ashes, salted peat, mint leaves and smoked fish. Then to enclose the tasting, I have a sensation of sugar and smoked candy with some tasty custard hints , Yummy!
Comments : it is a MAGNIFICENT intense and raw whisky ! Not just a stronger version of the classic 10 (40%abv), that CS is definitely more complex, fruity, smoky maritime and peaty. Clearly for me a notch above in term of pleasure compared with what I enjoyed from Laphroaig so far (10yo classic, 15yo, Lore and Quartercask).
Laphroaig CS 10yo Batch10
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