Montecristo Media Corona

Montecristo Media Corona

This little Monte is an impressive, rich-flavourful short cigar. This fulfilling cigar experience is impressive given its short appearance.
Readers will notice that the H. Upmann Half Corona, is a compasion.
Because of its dimensions,  (44 ring gauge x 90 mm length) this Habano complements other formats. It offers all the flavor and character of Montecristo in a short smoking time.

Media Corona

Origin : Cuba
Size : 44 x 90 mm (3.5″ in)
Brand Strength : Medium to Full
Wrapper Cuban

Binder/Filler Cuban


This vitola has intense flavor and smoke, with woody, dry and sweet touches. It provides the smoker with a complete sensation in the mouth. Its natural brown wrapper and red touches gives it a beautiful presence. All the Habanos of the Montecristo brand are made Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga(Totally handmade with Long Filler) with selected leaves from vuelta abajo  – the best tobacco zone in the world – in the region of Pinar del Río , Cuba.


The half corona is smooth and silky and short in appearance sporting a reddish hue with dark chocolate.  A medium cigar almost nub length. Well packed and light in the hand. With its classic Montecristo band.

Smoking Notes

Before the light up

Pre draw you taste coffee, nuts, honey with a bit of spice.

Draw and Burn

The draw on this 44 ring gauge half corona is smooth , no issues of tightness thus associated with some smaller formats of Cuban cigars. A nice even burn to start it off.



It starts off gently and creamy with a honey scent. Then it becomes more flavorful; cedar and nut aromas, herbs, cappuccino. Being a smaller cigar you want to enjoy this Monte because it tastes so good. There is lots of flavour to start.


Flavours rush back and forth with this half corona, which is nice because it is a smaller cigar which smokes around 40 mins in time and you really get that enjoyable experience from such a high quality name like Montecristo. Cedar and nut still present along with that classic Montecristo aroma. Each puff is wonderful though and the aftertaste sits nice in the mouth.



The ending note on this Media corona is that i will smoke one again because it was a pleasure to have it and for the the surroundings i was in, made for a more enjoyable smoke. You gotta love the great outdoors while having a cigar on a summer day. Even though at times the ash flaked a bit and it got hot maybe due to the fact that it is a smaller cigar. For me that is not a problem, i smoked it and i liked it. Flavour profile is what i enjoy.


Smoke time

40 mins

Montecristo Media Corona
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