Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro

If you love Maduro’s you will surely love this Melanio by Oliva.  The Oliva Serie ‘V’ Melanio Maduro received a  92-rating  “Beautifully box-pressed, this Torpedo offers a sweet and toasty smoke that is warm, with bread notes that develop into a walnut coffee like experience.


Origin: Nicaragua

Size: Torpedo 6″1/2*52

Brand Strength: Medium Full

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Wrapper: San Andres

Manufacturer: Oliva Cigar Co.


This maduro definitely hits the mark for all maduro lovers. This handmade beauty will have you salivating for more. Oliva has a great reputation for producing high quality cigars. Named in honor of Melanio Oliva, who is believed to be the first member of the Oliva Cigar Company to grow tobacco.


Everything about this cigar says quality.  Holding this box pressed in your hands feels right. The construction is spot on, oily and silky to the touch. A medium full bodied smoke that is creamy. The wrapper is beautiful and well contructed, with a nice color of chocolate brown. A double band on the outside with the signature Oliva name is quite sharp in my opion.

Smoking notes

Before the light up

Pre draw experience is leather, unsweetened chocolate, spicy and with some citrus notes. If you like chocolate this is the one for you.

Draw and Burn

The cold draw was smooth with no effort.  Warm chocolate to start off and spicy notes linger on the mouth and in the air. Through the phases of this beautiful looking maduro the flavour and aromas are quite nice. A solid white ash hangs on about a full inch in before i let go of it. The draw is perfect producing lots and lots of thick white smoke with every puff. The draw is always perfect, the cigar fits comfortably in your hand. The burnline is razor sharp and crisp.


The first few pulls of this maduro are so smooth and excellent no wonder the Oliva brand produces top quality high rated cigars. The chocolate flavour and spice hit you immediately with a nice pepper, sweetness to the tobacco and a cedar smell. The draw and feel are just right, the size and style is very comfortable in a torpedo size.


The flavour profile changes a bit, the pepper has faded but the chocolate and leather remain with hints of cedar. More of a milk chocolate and nutty flavour. I would recommend a drink on hand because you tend to get a bit dry in the mouth from this cigar but not to much. I had a rye whiskey on hand to compliment the flavours. The construction is flawless and spot on.



To end my thoughts on this maduro by Oliva is that i would smoke it again and again, i will have my humidor with a few in it. It is a go to cigar. This cigar makes you not think to much about whats going on with it, it just is a good quality cigar and worth the money. I smoked it to the nub pretty much and it wasn’t harsh or bitter. A chocolate bomb at that and a treat.


Smoke Time

2 hrs 1o mins





Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro
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