Partagas Serie D4



The Partagas Serie D4 is an instant classic with cigar lovers world wide. The cigar has everything you want in a Cuban and more. A robusto placed among the best in this format, following the patterns of what has been called “New School “. If you like the Partagas brand, this is one of the best robustos available on the market if not the best in the world. Worth giving a shot.

Origin: Cuba

Size: 4 7/8 x 50

Brand Strength: Full

Wrapper: Cuban

Binder/Filler: Cuban




This robusto has a nice looking brown wrapper with a silky orange to milk chocolate hue. The cigar is firm but not to firm,  it almost has a lightness to it. The triple cap is the cuban signature along with that Habano aroma. No cracks or blemishes, the cigar is packed nice with no soft spots. It is sharp looking robusto.



Smoking Notes

What i got from this new classic is a woody earthy flavour with notes of spice to start off. This mellows out after a little. Spice and leather with chocolate. What’s not to like. The profile keeps you on your toes and isn’t bland, it is an exceptional cigar that is consistant yet has many layers to it.


Before the Light up

A great pre light odour with stellar construction, rich coloured and an oily wrapper. The pre-light draw is slightly tight but nothing to worry about and has a nice rich tobacco and cinnamon taste.


Draw and Burn

An easy and effortless draw. The draw was perfect, ash was healthy and white. At times the burn was a bit off but the smoke output had loads of clouds. I really had nothing to complain about being in the setting i was in.



This cigar was given to me by a fellow #Botl and i saved it for a special occasion. This cigar was enjoyed along the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast shores of Nova Scotia. A very round earthy taste, with hints of spice and leather. A bit of orange peel and bitterness through the first third.


The second third delivered a sweeter profile with hints of chocolate and cedar. Last third increased in power but was not overwhelming, turning back to the earthy tastes. It picks up towards the middle, spice and herbal aromas. A saltiness presents itself but in a very mild way as expected in the Partagas line. I like the nuances of this cigar. A very creamy smoke and a treat.


The finale is powerful and nutty. The leathery, earthy and spicy taste to it is wonderful. This spice is floral and leaves a bit of a tingle along with the creaminess. My surroundings made for an enjoyable and memorable smoke for my first ever D4. With some age this cigar will turn into something special, the one i had was roughly 2.5 yrs old. I guess it all depends on patience and if you can wait that long to smoke one.

Smoke time 

60 mins.

Partagas Serie D4
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