Romeo y Julieta 1875 Reserva Real

Romeo y Julieta was first introduced in 1875 and has been one of the best cigar brands ever crafted, and one loved by seasoned connoisseurs and beginners. Originally produced in Cuba, the brand was relocated to the Dominican Republic after the Cuban embargo.

Fans of the original Romeo should enjoy this creamy Connecticut version. It is complex mix of Nicaraguan long leaf that perfectly complements its silky wrapper.

The Reserva Real is a blend of aged Dominican leaf spiced with Nicaraguan ligero and finished in a hand-selected blonde Connecticut shade-seed wrapper grown in the valleys of Ecuador, slightly sweet in flavor, it’s craftsmanship stands out in this handmade mild-to-medium-bodied smoke with a tender aroma and woody flavor.

Not like the classic version of Romeo y Julieta, the Reserva Real creates a  smoother, creamier character with an elegant finish. This fine cigar brand makes for a fantastic after-dinner smoke or with dessert.


Origin: Dominican

Size: 5.5 x 44

Brand Strength: Medium Body

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut

Binder/Filler: Nicaragua/Dominican Republic



The Reserva Real in Corona size features a Connecticut-shade Ecuadorian wrapper that is golden brown and silky to the feel. This beautiful leaf is paired with Nicaraguan long fillers, it sports a veiny and handsome look. It gives the Reserva Real Corona a rich nutty, toasty flavor that is medium body in strength. 


Smoking Notes

The Ryj Corona is a slow well constructed cigar. The burn and draw are very good. The taste and the aroma are very pleasant with a cedary finish. You can’t go wrong with this cigar. Spicy, chewy flavor with hints of leather.  It is a nice cigar that is consistant from beginning to end. I have had it with coffee and rum before and both work. Escpecially coffee because i love coffee and cigars.


Before the Light up

The rich nutty aroma is present along with an earth smell. Very mild, slight sweetness with notes of woods and white pepper. Nice and woody, a slightly sweet and fruit-like flavor

Draw and Burn

Perfect draw, no resistance

white/gray ash. Burn line was flawless/razor sharp, no touch-ups needed.

Nice plumes of smoke on every effortless puff.



Beginning is very mild but the flavors intensify as it goes along.

This Romeo is not overly complex, just a smooth smoke. Same flavors intensify as it progresses through the phases. Buttery and creamy come in as the sweetness builds and a toasty aroma come into the fold. The aromatic smell is quite nice.



Towards the second third, this cigar opens up with sweetness, reminiscent of caramel, and a buttery smoke to boot. The woodiness hangs in the front of the tongue. The smoke output brought out white pepper and a buttery creaminess. The caramel flavour and aroma are quite present now. The woodiness of the cigar has died down a bit with a bit of white pepper taste.  Construction is intact and the ash is holding on about 1 inch. A little bit of leather hangs in there and it is not overpowering.



Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Corona’s are just an everyday cigar enjoyed in the morning with a nice coffee or an after dinner smoke when I want to enjoy one of the best things in life. The great flavor and taste and the mildness makes for the best smoke you could ask for. I enjoy Romeos Domestic and the Cuban version also. Coming in on the end this cigar is one of the more mild to medium cigars, very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this cigar for someone looking for mild to medium in body. The finish is long and the ash and construction are intact.


Smoke time

1hr 10 min


Romeo y Julieta 1875 Reserva Real
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