Kavalan Amontillado Cask



Aged in Amontillado Sherry (dry Sherry)


Kavalan Distillery was founded in 2005 in Taïwan. Since its foundation, Kavalan has attracted attention everywhere in the world by using all kind of different casks, having young and NAS whiskies, and having brought home some of the highest awards in the whisky industry. Their success at producing high-end yet affordable whiskies is explained by two things : the cask selection and the climate on Taïwan.

They pay extra attention to the quality of the casks, influencing just enough the single malts without overpowering the new make spirit. Plus, the climate in Taïwan facilitates the quick aging. It is warm and humid in Summer, cooler and drier in Fall, ”cold” and windy in Winter, and just warm enough in Spring.


Color : deep amber.
Nose : So much Sherry, given how dry this Sherry is I enjoyed it’s notes. Dried fruits and lingering sweetness.
Palate : all Sherry up front, the continued dried fruits with hints of nutmeg and just a touch of oak.
Finish : medium/Long, clean off the tongue and lovely amount of heat in the back of the palate.
Comments : though I’m not much of a Sherry fan, it’s an incredible pour. However, given its price point, I’ll probably only be enjoying it this one time.

Kavalan Amontillado Cask
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