Montecristo #2

In the cigar world the #2 is legendary, any aficionado knows what the #2 is and what it stands for. A great Cuban cigar at that and a must for any cigar smoker knew and old. It is a classic.  The Montecristo brand has been around since 1935. A man named Alonso Menendez purchased the Particulares cigar factory in Cuba with dreams of creating a new premium cigar brand. During this time period it was common for (cigar rollers) to have the famous Alexandre Dumas novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” btw my favorite novel of all time. Read by a lector aka a reader on the cigar rolling floor. Inspired by this tradition, Menendez gave life to one of the most well known cigar brands today – Montecristo.


Origin: Cuba

Size: 6 1/8″x52

Brand Strength: Medium/Full

Wrapper: Cuban

Binder/Filler: Cuban



This is a hand made cigar. Sporting a deep chocolate wrapper and a torpedo shape it has a look of i mean business. In my opinion this is one of the best-selling cigars out there. The appearance of this torpedo has a chocolate wrapper and an ellagance to it if you are into the torpedo look. It looks a bit worn, there are some veins to it with noticeable seems. Not to packed not to spungy. The logo alone stands out, the Flor de Lis is prominant and anyone who comes across this brand knows this cigar as one of the top if not the top cigar ever made.


Smoking Notes

The number #2. The light is smooth and tasty. The burn is long and a real pleasure to smoke this beautiful cigar. The younger this cigar is it tends to be a bit spicy. The woodyness and the coco come out with bombs of pepper. These #2 if you have patience to age them will only taste better and be more mellow in time. It is complex, well balanced with interchanges of coffee, a medium to strong, Rich flavors, no harshness to it.


Before the Light up

Classic Montecristo flavors of wood, cedar, earth, nuts and spice. Some coco and leather round out this pre light experience. Not to much resistance, a bit loose on the cold draw.


Draw and Burn

The draw is very comfortable and has a snowy white look to it. Tasty and reliable. Burn is even at times but needed a few touch ups throughout this experience but the cigar is not for beginners. The burn does not run hot. The flavors are smooth. Smoke output in abundance.



The smoke output is nice, a very nice mellow flavor with coffee and leather. Every pull is nice and enjoyable. The aromas and big clouds of smoke create a relaxing mood. The woodyness comes through in a moist flavor, some spice and leather are still there. The aromas are sweet and spicy, approaching the first third.



Around the half way point the cigar has needed a few touch ups, minimal at best. The flavors of coffee, cedar and earth are still there. A mineral taste with a leather finish, The leather is the key to this cigar, smooth and smokeable. The burn line is not to great, one disappointment is the touch ups. Medium/mild in strength. Ash is flaky.



The natural tobacco has a salty finish. The body is the same and the smoke output is the same as in the beginning. This cigar is really good, enjoyable smooth and well balanced. The burn touch ups were a bit annoying. The cigar has good body and classic Cuban characteristics if your palette is smooth and well balanced you will enjoy this cigar. Medium in strength in toward the last third but not overpowing with spice into the final. A cigar i would smoke again and again despite a few minor flaws. If you are into aging cigars which most Cuban cigars smokers are i recommend aging a few of these if you can wait. I could smoke one of these everyday, it is complex enough and in any cigar you want it to be enjoyable. All around it is a winner to me.


Smoke time

120 min

Montecristo #2
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