Amrut Rye
5 years old
Aged in American oak
Sample and picture gently provided by my good friend Nico…yes, Nico Whiskies 🙂
AMRUT – Indian whisky. Really ? Well…YEAH ! Amrut started in 1948, a year after the independence of India, as a maker of Indian liqueur. It soon became very popular and grew a lot. Then came the ’60s when Amrut began producing rums and the ’70s with brandy, In the ’80s, Amrut decided it was time for some whisky. Thus they began studying how whisky was make and what are the implication of producing whisky…in India.
Fast forward to 2004 and the Cafe India in Glasgow : Amrut launches its first whisky ! Since then, many have won awards, and the whisky game is getting stronger by the day !
Colour : copper.
Nose : very fruity and sweet, soft to the extreme, with notes of banana bread and cinnamon candies. Tropical fruits and sour raspberries.
Palate : rather fresh in the mouth, with really powerful pineapple scents, and some acidity. Second rough wave all in spices and ginger.
Final : long, slow descent, VERY hot… We find more the classic rye side with the spices and spicy side.
Comments : is that Rye? Blind tasted, I don’t think I would have recognized this as a high rye whisky.
Let’s forget the labels for a moment: this is very good, and very strange. The ABV is perfect, the flavours are there, and it’s nice to drink.
BUT it couldn’t become my everyday rye… it’s not enough typical 😉
Amrut Rye
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