Springbank 15 

Old Malt Cask from Douglas Laing & Co.

Distilled in 1993

Bottled at 50%abv in 2008

365 bottles produced from a single refill hogshead.

This sample was gratiously provided by whisky_yes (give him some love on Twitter!) the main whisky guy from Keg and Cork in Edmonton, Canada. A beautiful shop with an amazing selection of whisky and a really knowledgeable staff. Had the chance to meet him recently on a short business trip, where they were kind enough to allow me to attend the September outturn of SMWS. It was one of the rare times I did a blind tasting, and just for the fun of it, I tried guessing what was it my glass… let’s say I didn’t get a high bating average 😂, but it was still delicious and fun! 

Now to the Springbank sample! My love for this distillery is no secret, and finding old Independent Bottler expressions like this really gets me excited! 

Colour: Light Straw

Nose: briny and maritime, salty lemons, mineral notes and fresly sawed varnished wood (sawdust?) 

Palate: Light, sweet and sour, whiffs of smoke, icing sugar, almost marshmallowy (making up word I know). 

Finish: Unique mouthfell that linger on the the top of my pallet. Turkish delight with a little acidity, with a bit of smoke. Leaves only a little spiciness on the tongue but flavors still keep dancing all around. Leaves a sensation similar to those lemon Cepacol throat lozenges.. I know, weird right?! Or maybe it’s lemon scented Pledge!

Comments: A really unique and enjoyable dram. Lighter than the typical Springbank, much less texture and complexity but it still has a unique funkiness that I loved! Try it if you can! 

Old Malt Cask - Springbank 15
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