Kilkerran 12yo OB

46% ABV

Aged in a mix of 70% Bourbon casks and 30 % Sherry casks



Glengyle distillery. The group Springbank re-launched this old distillery of campbeltown in 2004. The whisky is called Kilkerran rather than Glengyle, who is already the name of a blended malt of the Highlands – and also because this name (glen) is more often associated with Speyside than with Campbeltown. After some acclaimed released called “work in progress”, this 12 years old is now the bold statement of this distillery. In 2017, a 8yo caskstrength was born! All the products are non chill filtered and not artificialy colored. Surprising fact, the distillation work is only 6 weeks a year.


Color : gold

Nose : Nectar lime, green apples and kiwi. Then, pastry flavors of marzipan, a dessert with white chocolate, meringue tart and stem gingers. I also feel a light peat and some leather…a peat made by perfumed earth, aromatic herbs as mint and eucalyptus (for me very present on the nose) as well as cold ashes of cigar (like an ashtray).

Palate : very refreshing, lively, prickly, creamy/oily and balanced. Butterscotch, hazelnuts/peanuts paste, Swiss Candy “Ricola” (the one with Alps aromatic plants ), spice (hot pepper, vanilla), farmy notes and a certain sourness (but not ungraceful for one). Afterward, it is with pleasure that I find the lemon and its acidity felt previously on the nose. Then, it is an avalanche of salt and little smoke which is a real treat for me.

Finish : salt, white chocolate and pistachio cream and this unique delicate peat stay for a long time in the battle of the flavors.

Comments : unique, aromatic, refreshing and slightly peated, this Kilkerran is complex and balanced (I really have several stages / staircases of flavors during this sensory analysis). A refined but also characteristic whisky that opts for authenticity and terroir(we feel here the style Campbeltown and Springbank). Such a great whisky, imho, its reputation is really deserved.

Kilkerran 12 YO
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