The Padron family began making premium cigars in Miami in 1964. Padron Cigars are made in their facility in Nicaragua. These beautiful smokes are carefully blended from aged tobaccos to produce cigars that are considered by some to be the finest in the world. The original Padron Series Cigars employ sun-grown Habano tobacco that is aged for over two years for a balanced yet bold spicy flavor. Padron Series 2000 Natural Robusto is a premium cigar combining Cuban-seed tobaccos. It is aged for almost 3 years to create a medium bodied smoke that is well seasoned and amazingly complex. A testament to its greatness, the 2000 achieved a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado and among many other high ratings from the cigar world.


Origin: Nicaraguan

Size: 5×50

Brand Strength:Medium Full

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder/Filler: Nicaragua



Padron 2000 has a rustic almost rough look to it. Don’t be fooled by the appearance. Never judge a book by its cover right? Well with this cigar you will be impressed. This robusto option is rough looking and a bit veiny. Construction on this cigar is superb. It is a hand made cigar. The simple Padron band on this cigar doesn’t have flash but you know you are getting quality when you see the name Padron.


Smoking Notes

The robusto offers of a smooth taste.  It is well put together and the draw and flavor are very consistant throughout. It is one of the best if not the best Nicaraguan cigar i have ever had. Also for the price point you can not beat it. Well made, well priced and well a great cigar at that.


Before the light up

On the cold draw you get a nice cocoa, and a traditional smell of woody earth. Spice and a chocolatey almond come through. The pack and feel is firm. There is little resistance in the cold draw. The cap is a single as to other cigars which have a double cap or in the Cuban world a 3 cap.

Draw and Burn

Once this baby was lit the draw on it was pretty easy, little to no resistance if you like that. It is pretty easy. The burn is even and sharp, it gives off a nice smoke output. The ash is a nice white grey, and holds pretty well.



This cigar is typical Padron if you have smoked one, it is there base model. A good daily smoke, not to overly complex. Wood, nuts and a little spice, the burn is nice and easy, you don’t have to relight it or correct any issues. There isn’t much to taste other than the woodys earthy profile,  but the overall first impression is that it is a good cigar, something to keep in the humidor every day.



So far so good transitioning into the second third, the well aged tobacco blends well. Less of the pepper and bite to the flavor, nuts and roasted aromas fill the air. Gritty and good, not to much to taste but it doesn’t lose interest as you go along. Construction is still good, kinda built similar to a Cuban.



Getting into the final third of this, you don’t really have any issues, the burn line is fine. It did correct itself once or twice. Not much has changed in the flavor profile. The strength of the cigar steps up a bit just to give it a little character. Nuttyness and roasted smells comes though like they did in the middle of the cigar. The spice has let up a bit, the flavor is not over the top. This is a go to that doesn’t break the bank, a very good cigar for the economical smoker or to gift to a friend.


Smoke time

50 min.



Padron 2000 Natural
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