Caol Ila Natural Cask Strength 
NAS (probably young)
Aged in ex Bourbon casks (I guess, as there is no informations)
Caol Ila, fouded in 1846 and now part of the Diageo Classic Malts line, is an Islay distillery. Often compared as the Talisker of Islay for it’s salty and peated notes, it is much more than that. They offer a wide and diverse portfolio with a classic aged stated core line (12, 18, 25yo) and some highly praised non peated expressions (15, 17, 18). Add to that a Feis Isle annual expressions, a distiller’s edition and some cask strength ones, and you have all one needs to survive in the Scotch world.
Color : straw yellow.
Nose : big wave of alcohol when nosed directly after being poured. It is better to wait ten minutes so that it breathes a little.
On the second wave, you can feel a big arrival of Islay’s peat, which is rather unusual for a Caol Ila. We then move on with more classic flavours like candied pear and a hint of honey.
Palate : rather fine texture accompanied by this same peat, yet a little less explosive than on the nose, and frank and acidulous notes. Here we have a contrast of flavours. On one hand, grassy and earthy notes, on the other, grilled lemons and fresh grapefruit.
Final : rather short, powerful, both on alcohol and peat. This is not aggressive or unpleasant.
Comments : definitely, this whisky needs to breathe a bit. Once it has been aired, you are entitled to a young beast powerful in flavours. A well-balanced contrast that gives great pleasure.
I’m glad I have half a sample left from Nico Whiskeys!
PS : as you can see from the top picture, this whisky was experienced in the best conditions !
Caol Ila Natural Cask Strength 
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