The Lost Distillery Stratheden
The Lost Distillery is an independant Scotch boutique whose goal is to recreate expressions from closed distilleries. They have a list of 10 criterias to create whiskies the way they were. Since chill-filtration and colouring didn’t exist 100 years ago, TLD don’t use any of these process.
They go a bit under the radar, which is a shame but at the same time a blessing for fans of the boutique. Their blends are very well regarded amongst aficionados.
Colour : yellow pear.
Nose : waxy with lots of honey and oak and a slight hint of smoke. Pull gently towards vanilla and caramel without ever falling into it.
Palate : a texture out of the ordinary with still this waxy side well present. Then up to more citrus and fruity notes with, among others, pear and clementines. Everything then falls towards dark chocolate and orange.
Final : quite short in the throat, and yet very long and constantly gaining power.
Comments : just for the texture, this whisky is fantastic! Beyond that, the character is frank without ever being aggressive.
VERY glad to have had a taste of it, especially since I had snubbed his arrival on the shelves. A blend that will make Single Malt lovers (hum…snobs…hum) question themselves !
Thanks to my friend and fan-favourite Alexandre « The Great » Lavoie for the sample. 
The Lost Distillery Stratheden
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