Wild Turkey Longbranch

About 8 years old

Aged in American oak (we guess virgin casks), finish with Mesquite Texas charcoal

ABV: 43%
Price :$ 39 (USD)


Whiskey endorsed by celebrities is not something new. Sean Connery did it in its prime. Mila Kunis did it with Jim Beam. Mr. Deadpool did it with some gin (seriously ? would expect something different, but whatever). But someone as big as Matthew MCCONAUGHEY, that’s a statement. Because MMC wasn’t supposed to be just a pretty face on a billboard, but he was named Wild Turkey Creative Director, whatever that means.

So does Longbranch live up to the hype MMC created ?


Color : amber.
Nose : clove , cinnamon, caramel , oak.
Palate : leather, oak, caramel, baking spices , slight citrus.
Finish : medium, more oak and slight taste from the mesquite , smooth.
Comments : smoother than anticipated- good pour for the price doesn’t have that kick wild turkey is known to have.

Wild Turkey: Longbranch
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