Lot 40 CS 11 years old – 2018


11 yo – single batch

Aged in charred new oak casks 


The Lot 40 regular edition is a highly praised Canadian rye, being very affordable, easily found and pretty good. It is part of the Northern Border Collection, a line of whisky also featuring JP Wiser’s, Gooderham & Worts and pike Creek.
Now, the Lot 40 CS is part of the same collection, except it’s called Northern Border RARE Collection, featuring twists on the regular expressions. Last year, the first release of the NBRC, saw the appearance of a 12yo CS Lot 40, earning much awards and much praises. It sold instantly, and of course got flipped a lot at sometimes ridiculous prices. 
This year, the NBRC released an 11 years old Lot 40. Still about 6000 bottles, still sold out in minutes, but the price jumped to avoid flippers !


Color : amber.

Nose : cinnamon, cardamom and gingerbread. You add orange peel and a vanilla pod, and you’re done!

Palate : an explosive attack !!! Maple, oak, tannins, all mixed with fresh notes of green apples, rye bread and black tea. 

Final : sweet and long astonishment, rather sweet, quiet after this immoderate mouth!

Comments : After the incredible 2017 edition, I was waiting for this year’s edition with enthusiasm and fear. In my head, hard to do better than last year, but Don Livermore AKA Dr. Genius … is amazing! So, verdict? VERY different from the 2017 edition! Even more rye if it’s possible. Less balanced, more raw and explosive, more lively and striking! But such a great success 😎

Lot 40 11 yo Cask Strength - 2018
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