Montecristo Anejados

Habanos Añejados- aged in Cuba for at least 5 years

The concept of “Añejado” (Aged) is presented for the first time with 2 new brand launchings & 2 new Vitolas sizes: Romeo y Julieta Pirámides Añejados and Montecristo Churchills Añejados.

Presented in labelled boxes, 2 rings, a sticker with the legend “Añejados” and with a vitolina describing the concept.  The Underside of the box shows date when the cigars were made. “Revisado” (Checked) is also stamped on the bottom as 100% of the boxes have been opened and each cigar checked by hand one by one.

Origin: Cuba

Size: 7” x47

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder/Filler: Cuba


The Anejados shows a double band, the traditional one plus a brown one which stands out in embossed gold saying Anejados indicating  extra aging indeed. This size which I particularly like is elegant and its already a pleasure to old it in your hands, long and sleek. The color of the wrapper is Colorado and the quality of it is excellent with not many vein coming out and a crunchy feel which make me hope in a good draw. Triple cap and a roundness at the cap that is wonderful.

Smoking Notes

This cigar has been rolled very nice, the triple cap and the minimal veins make it an easy to hold cigar. During this smoking experience the ash was compact and sturdy, it held on half way through before falling off. Showing off its glow in the centre this cigar if lit properly will give you know problems, no touch ups required.

Before the light up  

It shows since the beginning that the character of the cigar is going to be woody with some spices hints, the classic Montecristo profile. The pre light exudes hints of cedar, not to strong though. This medium body silky Monte has punches of nutmeg, earthy tones, and some barnyard notes.  A bit of caramel emerges from the foot and the draw is perfect.

Draw and Burn

This Monte has a smooth and easy burn line with a solid ash. I love the Montecristo line, maybe i am biased.


The first third says hello to you with sweet cedar, caramel and earth.  It is very creamy and sweet, and there is a bit of leather. The balance of flavors is delightful and the flavors are very developed from the ageing process. The cigar shows its complexity in the first third with some coffee, some dry fruits, bitter chocolate, and  leather aromas. There are also some notes of cedar. The smoke output by the cigar is generous and the burline is razor sharp.


The middle third the cigar is still a medium to full and draws well. The sweetness of the Anejados is still present. Vanilla, Coffee and honey are still the main characters in this cigar with cedar and earth in the back end.


The final reveals a mellow cigar, with a medium body.  All the flavors are even more noticeable, like in the first third. We get the strong flavors of bitter chocolate, leather and wood again while the sweet and creamy flavors fade away a little bit. Never too bitter, the final third is still a delight. This smoke created by the Anejados is still a cigar that never gets too hot or too harsh in the ladder stages of the last draws.

In summary, it starts off with sweet and earthy flavors turning to sweet on the second third and finishing off with a punch. Great progression for a cigar of its size and style.

These cigar is for the more experienced palate.

Although a lovely cigar, it’s also doesn’t have the complexity where you’re left going over every little aspect. All of the flavor described are subtle and upfront. Try something light to pair it with like a tea, nothing to dark or it will overpower the flavors. 

Smoke time

90 – 120 min.

Montecristo Anejados
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