Redbreast Lustau
Between 10 and 13 years
Aged for 9-12 years in ex-Bourbon and finished 1 year in ex-Sherry


Let’s start with a funny fact : ”Redbreast” wasn’t originally named like that, and was set in London !!! So Redbreast, AKA Gilbeys at that time, was a wine and spirit merchant in London in 1857. Four years later, it moved to Dublin, and by 1875 was the largest seller of Irish whiskey outside of distilleries themselves.
In 1887, Gilbeys started bottling whiskey called ”John Jameson & Son’s ‘sole make’ pure and unblended Irish whiskey”. It wasn’t until 1912 that the name Redbreast appeared, yet again it was for J. Jameson whiskey.
In 1985, Redbreast is officially sold to Irish Distillers and disappeared until 1991. At that time, the first contemporary bottle of Redbreast appears. It is soon followed by other releases, including some Cask Strength whiskeys, 21 yo and some Anniversary bottles.
Redbreast is now a well known brand with many aficionados.

Color : light amber.
Nose : vanilla bean, milk chocolate, blackberries and cherries. Not very complex, but the flavors are crisp and pleasant.
Palate : the milk chocolate of the nose evolves towards 75% dark chocolate. Orange, grapefruit and lemon tart are added for a fruity and tangy palate. A spicy and spicy side is felt on the tip of the tongue: black licorice?
A texture a bit fine for my taste, but that would make this whiskey very pleasant to drink in summer!
Final : spicy that’s for sure, rather short and aggressive!
Comments : BUY BUY BUY !!! Very distinct flavors, pleasant, evolving from the nose to the final!
Very good choice, and at a price that makes you want a lot of traffic jams 😎

Redbreast Lustau
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