Another review by our guest-writer Single Malt 007 !
Superb picture for what appears to be a great whisky !

Nikka 17 years old


Pure Malt

There has been a hype for Japanese whisky these last few years. Many good malt and a lot of horrible things appeared which are over rated in my humble opinion. But today, we have something really delicious which meets the expectations, at least for me! 

Welcome to the land of the rising sun! On today’s agenda, Nikka 17 years old Pure malt. 

Nose : Red apples, red fruits, smoke, musk melon, hint of sherry, spices, sugar, barley, very complex, sharp as a katana! 

Palate : Again, smoke, nuts, milk chocolate, fruits, cherry, creamy, fresh cut grass 

Finish : Nuts, tannins, cigar box, tobacco, long lasting, heavy like a sumo fighter but with the agility of a kung fu master!  

Nikka Taketsuru 17yo
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