Rafael Gonzalez Marquez

This is a success story from the roaring 20’s. Dating from approximately 1928, this brand was initially developed as La Flor de Marquez, with trademark registration in 1936 by the Sociedad El Rey del Mundo. Trademark records show that the current name dates from 1945. Considered medium in body, this brand is also reputed to have introduced the Lonsdale size, named in honour of Hugh Cecil Lowther, the Fifth Earl of Lonsdale.

Origin: Cuba
Size: 117 x 13,49
Wrapper: Cuba


This little habano has a small smooth look to it. The color is a mild chocolate brown with a tinge of honey brown hue to it. Don’t let the price throw you off, the quality of this cigar is top notch and always has a good rating.

Smoking Notes 
A very nice little morning cigar to go with coffee and maybe a little treat of chocolate to with the sweetness and the creamyness of this smoke with a hint of floral. The finish is long and creamy, caramel with a hint of spice at the end. Do not expect this cigar to be a strong smoke. It is recommended that this cigar be smoked after a couple weeks of resting after purchase or let it sit in the humidor for 1 year or more.

Before the light up
This cigar gives off a very aromatic honey flavour. It is creamy and woody. A bit tangy but not overpowering. The construction is firm and rolled nicely.

Draw and Burn
The burn is not harsh but it can be if you puff to fast. It is very consistant and easy. You get nice mouthfulls of creamy smoke. The draw is open and loose and easy to puff away.

The beginning starts off nice with that aroma enveloping you. Smells of caramel, wood, and vanilla. The burn line is fine, no issues at all, the ash is a darker charcoal grey. Hints of spice and tang waft in the air.

The middle part of this cigar should be smoked gently, if you are a fast puffer you will not enjoy this as much, take your time it is an experience to savour.
Some of the honey sweetness and herbal has come through in the half way point. A mild tobacco taste.

Overall this is a simple solid morning cigar, there’s not much wow factor but if you are just looking for a little cigar that won’t break the bank and won’t take up to much time then this is the one. They can be much better with a little bit of age on them. An overlooked cigar in my opinion. A great introduction cigar to a novice smoker or perfect for a season veteran. A must for the humidor. The brand was highly recommended by Zino Davidoff who in his 1967 book “Le Livre du Connoisseur de Cigare” (“The Connoisseur Book of the Cigar”) opined that Rafael Gonzalez cigars ought to be an essential stock in any serious connoisseur’s inventory, along with El Rey del Mundo.

Smoke Time
45 min.

Rafael Gonzalez Marquez
8.3Reader’s Review
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