The Lost Distillery – Jericho
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The Lost Distillery is a brand most people know nothing about. And most people don’t know what they do. Which is awesome ! As they state in their introduction, over a 100 distilleries in Scotland have closed in the last century. So the goal of TLD is to recreate what could have been the whisky. For that, they use a team including an historian, and a ten key components, and aim to recreate the whisky in its original form.
As for this particular one, the Jericho, it makes reference to a small pre industrial distillery located in the Aberdeenshire. The original location provided barley, peat and water, and of course was a good place to hide from the excisemen. but this last part is what got them closed : no access to routes and railway in an era where you had to ship whisky to continue production.


Colour : copper.
Nose: caramelized apples and candied oranges first, followed by cooked malt and brown sugar. A VERY light peat is coming out after several minutes, but in a very subtle way.
Palate : peat is a little more present, but still below, and in the form of wet earth, in addition to notes of burned wood. Otherwise, fruit cake, blood oranges, nutmeg and anise.
The texture is relatively syrupy while remaining fresh.
Finish : long and slow, with a stronger peat present, balanced by notes of citrus.
Comments : it’s very good ! A nice balance of flavors and a peat that progresses on the scale of power (without however reaching the levels of Islay whiskys).
It’s always interesting to see how whisky was like before. It’s also the kind of bottle which most people will go without looking at. It’s good, it’s pretty unique, it’s worth buying, if only once in your life!

The Lost Distillery - Jericho
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