ABV : 50%
Cost : 45 ( USD)

Aged in hand toasted virgin American oak casks for a year after a previous unknown maturation.


Heaven’s Door is just one of thoses distillerie’s embraced by a celebrity…but not just a Hollywood fame, one of music’s most proeminent artist : Bob Dylan (obviously) !

It’s supposed to be a celebration of all the senses and of Dylan’s work. They have created 3 whiskies : a Bourbon, a Rye, and this one. This is the one we are talking about today. It is a blend of 3 whiskies aged in an unknwon casks for an unknown period of time, and then finished in toasted virgin American oak casks. Why the half secrecy ? No idea !


Color : deep amber.

Nose : Oak , brown sugar , vanilla , sweet almonds.

Palate : sweet almonds , charred oak, baking spice (cinnamon and all spices).

Finish : medium/ long. The whisky sits in the back of the throat slowly moving out. Notes of the spice vanilla and carmel linger.

Overall : okay we might all be skeptical about celebs hitching up with the spirits industry. However I tried all three , Tennessee bourbon, double barrel , and the straight rye. Now all were good but what a surprise this high proof bottle caught my attention. 50% ABV but smooth as butter without lacking flavor. A powerful punch in the beginning but fades off to candy dreams on the tongue. This bottle is a blend of three whiskeys, as well it’s hand toasted in new American oak barrels then tucked away for a whole other year.

Heaven Door : Double Barrel
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