Powers Irish Whiskey – Three Swallow


Aged in ex-Bourbon casks then finished in ex-Sherry

ABV: 43.2%
Cost : 40 (USD)


Power’s was created in 1791 in Dublin by James Powers, at his public house. After almost a century of dominating the Irish whiskey industry, Powers began to bottle their own whiskey instead of selling it in bonds to merchants (1886). Powers was deemed to be one of the most beautiful, innovative and ”clean’ distillery in the world.

Powers is one of the few Irish distilleries to have never closes, in part due to its innovation and the fact that did embrace change when it was coming their way (stopped selling in bonds, installing a Coffey still, etc).

Fun fact : their Gold Label is the first Irish whiskey to be bottled !


Color : pale yellow/ light gold

Nose : green apple, grapefruit, slight lemon citrus , sweet barley.

Palate : citrus continues into spice. The sweetness from the barley is present in the beginning but fades to a baking spice. Notes of the Apple are also still there and a hint of oak at the end.

Finish : short / medium. Barley and oak are the two prominent characters.

Overall : I was surprised as I enjoyed this more than the Johns Lane, generally I’ll shy away from a sweeter Irish but as this one is sweet up from then spice quickly after it really intrigued me. It’s American oak ex-bourbon barrels and finished in oloroso sherry casks – what I’m betting made this such a damn fine pour.

Powers whisky : 3 swallow
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