First review from a future regular member, James Angus ! He is a chef in Warwickshire, and he is using an unapologetically chef language 🙂

North Star Spirit
Vega 28 years old
Undisclosed distillery
Cask Strength and Un-chill filtered

800 bottles


Hello all.

Cracked open Vega from the lovely Iain at North Star Whisky. 
Blended malt whisky according to the label. 28 years old. 
No idea about where it comes from or even the casks used. Nor do I really give a shit.
Now, I’m a chef. Generally speaking we have language like a navvy with piles at the best of times and most don’t realise that we are actually really a bunch of delicate ego driven knife wielding nut-jobs with a gang mentality that won’t think twice about inflicting a level of brutality that was last used in medieval times. You’ll forgive me for slipping into fluent chef for a moment. It’ll just be easier for me on this occasion. 
Hugs xxx.

This is just fucking brutal. The flavour profile is huge. Forget some of your other preferred sherry or bourbon cask whisky. It just smashes your back door in. This really is where it’s at. So good it’s like having the kind of kinky messed up sex you want with your other half and their best friend. In a glass. Just bags and bags of flavours and alcohol delivered so well it’s like when your Amazon delivery just goes to the letter. It is a fucking master piece. I mean seriously. It is a work of art. I will either sell a members kidney or save up. Me save up.😆

Seriously one of you will end up on my kitchen table, with a ball gag in your mouth looking at the business end of a boning knife so sharp it could be used to skin a crocodile if it means I have a bottle to enjoy over/with my wife and the only thing I’ll lose sleep over is the amount of time it’ll take to clean the blood out of the carpet. Price. Don’t know and don’t give a shit as someone’s kidney is paying. I’ve drank whisky from all over Scotland and a few other places and this is genuinely one of the best I’ve had. I would confidently stack this up on a blind tasting against some gear costing a lot more and it’s going to be like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Vega for the win. Yep. That is pretty much what I think of it.
Slàinte xx


This sample was provided by Iain from North Star Whisky.

North Star Vega
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  1. Ian

    To paraphrase Blazing Saddles, the Chef “can use his tongue better than a $20 whore!”


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