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Bunnahabhain 12yo.
After my first taste of Laphroaig and its really gentle and subtle flavours, I was some what put off trying anything from Islay. The whole mouthful of peat, ash, TCP, charcoal and smoke thing really appeals to me in the same way that trapping my bollocks in a car door appeals to me.
So far a few Bowmore, one from Bruichladdich, one 50ml of Ardbeg Grooves (Fucking brand new that Micky), a couple from Laphroaig and a bottle of Laga several hundred years ago. It appears that Bowmore 12yo is my limit with peaty smokey. I’m fine with that and I’ve got a bottle of the 10yo on the subs bench ready for use.
So I’m still left with a few to try.
But for a long time I wouldn’t go near any thing from Islay.
I don’t like mouthfuls of bastard peat, TCP & smoke. Unless it’s from my cigarette or an exotic roll up. The whole peat and smoke and TCP is pretty much associated with anything from Islay so I avoided them. I avoid most peaty whisky to be honest. A bit is ok but then too much and no.
After a few discussions, I then took a hit and hope with Bunnahabhain (Bunna). It is quickly becoming the Islay whisky of choice to me. No bonfire, no chewing on charcoal and sherry cask maturation and because it’s not peated.
What is not to like in that.
Similar to my beloved Highland Park in many ways, island whisky, slightly marine, sherry casks etc etc.
Other things I like about Bunna.
It has heritage, checkered history and does not taste like I’m back in the scouts drinking shit scotch next to a campfire.
If you’re buying this thinking it’s Islay therefore it’s peaty. Don’t.
If you’re buying this because you like Monkeys Shoulder. Don’t.
If you’re a bastard hipster.
Put it back on the shelves and piss off.

Subtle, tasteful, no fucking stupid nordic, God related shit on it or TV programme related crap on it. Other than that it has abv, age statement and bit of story.
Bonus feature.
Its shiny so you can have a reflection of yourself.
For the love of Thor’s Hammer!
Fuck ton of sherry, fruit and alcohol. Abv of 46% really does show.
There is a God.
He loves us all so much.
Sherry cask at the forefront of it all!
Nut, dried fruit, cakey-wakey flavour.
You fucking dancer!
Not quite enamel stripping sherry bomb whisky just good fruit cake whisky. More to it than say Tamdhu 12yo but doesn’t have the same level of blunt force trauma as say a Glendronach cask strength.
Sits well. Lingers a bit. Nice.
The big question. Is it worth buying it?
Definitely and I’ll get the NAS at some point. Unless Bunnahabhain want to send me one!
A nod to our Canadian bretheran. I’m being told that Bunnahabhain will be available on your shelves again in the near future.
Buy one, thank me later for directing you to it.
Don’t think of it as your typical Islay whisky.
It isn’t. Look at it as a sherry cask single malt which is distilled on Islay.
Some say it’s one of the best 12yo single malt whisky you can buy. I’ll argue for others but it’s very good.
It’s not for pretender.
If you enjoyed, say that Glen Moray sherry cask finish and want something a bit more substantial then this is your gateway to the world of Sherry cask.
Happy sipping.

Bunnahabhain 12 years old
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