Blend of 3 to 4 yo whiskies
ABV: 40%
Aged in American oak casks


About : Nobushi is a blend of whiskies from the Miyagi and Nagano districts, owned by Fraternity Spirits. It was created in 2017. The whisky is blended and aged for 3 to 4 year in American oak casks.


Color : very deep amber with hint of sherry.
Nose : cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, rum cake.
Palate : caramel , vanilla bean, nutmeg.
Finish : very short, just a small murmur in the back of the throat , more vanilla and caramel.
Overall : a great pick for a rum lover ! Honestly if someone said it was a rum cask I would believe it. Smooth and a very simple bodied whisky. I’m thinking it is a great pour to convert someone over to sipping whisky on the regular. Pair with a piece of flan or rum cake for an amazing dessert

Nobushi Japanese Whisky
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