Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve.
A shiny new cask finish.
I love a cask finish as much as the next drinker.
Especially Bourbon, sherry, Rum and although not used often the red wine cask can be used to devastating effect. The two most notable examples are Ardbeg Grooves (I said it before but Micky absolutely fucking brand new that gear mate) and Twisted Tattoo from Highland Park which Nick is a big fan of and I’ll trust his judgement.
Now Glenlivet have aged/finished their very nice whisky in Cognac barrels.
(Push the boundaries of what you do.
Challenge yourself and experiment. Sometimes it works, others it doesn’t.)
Gary sent me a sample.
How very nice of him!
Some mixed reviews already.
Then I had a sip and reflect on it……
Taking into account that it’s a £45 or more bottle depending where you shop.
Taking into account that I’ve previously defended The Founders Reserve when others slated the shit out of it.
Taking into account the classic 12yo is one of my all time favourites of that age bracket and it is a great whisky.
And taking into account that its Glenlivet.
They know what they are doing, they have been doing it long enough, the 18yo bottle is delightful. All the classic family favourite flavours of Speyside. Reasonably priced as well for an 18yo whisky.
The cask strength bottle is a favourite with some and again seen as a great whisky at a reasonable price.
So. What happened to make Glenlivet think that aging their nice whisky in Cognac barrels was a masterstroke?

Now I think this happened and just use your imagination with the Scottish accent.
Hey Willie.
They sent us a couple of Cognac barrels by mistake. What you want to do with ’em?
Cognac ya say?
Well errrrrmmm….. Pour some new make whisky in ’em.
We’ll see what happens….
The guys then walk off for a tea and some chocolate biscuits.

Now what happens to Glenlivet when aged Cognac barrels?
This happens.
All those family favourite flavours just went fucked off like a whippet with an arsehole full of dynamite and gets replaced with MEH and then overtones of bastard French shit is what fucking happens.
You bastards.
What in the name of David Ike made you think that this was a fucking great idea?
Is wanking with a handful of sandpaper a good idea?! No!
Is shutting your bollocks in a car door a fun past time? No!
Is ageing whisky in Cognac barrels a good idea? For future reference. NO it fucking isn’t.

Bastard hipsters.
Sip on this shite as much as you like.
Your welcome. It’s small batch. Craft even. Great in cocktails so you can look even more of a twat. (I’m sincerely hoping we don’t see it on the shelves again)
Hipsters, Please knock yourselves out. Also if you actually want to knock yourselves out, feel free. No pressure.

Its redeeming feature?
One and only redeeming feature.
No plural.
Just one! ONE!
It’s a sample and I didn’t have to buy the bottle.
It’s not often I can say this.
I almost bought a bottle, thank fuck I dodged a bullet by buying Jura instead.
I’d rather have another bottle of Founders Reserve than go near this shite again.
What have you done!?
What’s your next great idea?
Using iron bru kegs!
Don’t do this again and keep the 12yo coming. Don’t stop it for a couple of years in the UK again. Just keep it going.
I love that stuff.

Shoutout to Gary Copland for the great picture 🙂

Glenlivet Captain's Reserve
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