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Crown Royal – Bourbon Mash

Crown Royal Bourbon Mash 40% New charred American Oak barrels and finished in ex-Bourbon barrel - Bourbon mash meaning that it would respect the % of corn one can find in a Bourbon (51%) - Blend of 5 cere...
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Virgil Kaine Electric Owl

Virgil Kaine Electric Owl (Limited Release) 100.1 proof  50.50% Abv 9Yr Sour Mash Finished in American Ale Barrels that previously housed Pinot Noir Colour: Deep Caramel Nose: Vanilla and Dried f...
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Booker’s Batch 2016-01E

Booker's 6yo 1 mo Batch #2016-01E 63,85% / 127.2 proof Virgin American Oak, charred Color : dark amber. Nose : white alcohol. Corn, vanilla, cinnamon and honey…alcohol…alcohol…alcohol…you see where this...