We all have that kind of old friends we see once a year. We keep seeing them because we’ve known each other for so long. And what do we say every time ? “It seems like we were never away from each other”. Everything looks the same as first sight… same look, same perfume, same personality. But after small talks you discover slight changes. Well… this is exactly what happens every year when we meet Lagavulin 12 Special Release. Same Same but Different.

Shall I explain to you what’s Lagavulin ? One of the most famous Single Malt distillery, especially for peatheads, from the remote island called Islay (say it “eye-la” not “ice-lay” for christ sake !) I won’t lie to you, I’m an Islay-lover. It’s where I burried my heart, same way as Davy Jones (if you haven’t seen Pirates of Caribbean, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy…). Anyway, Lagavulin is one of the southside distillery founded in 1816… at least it is a legal distillery since 1816, but people are saying that whisky were distilled illegally since 1742… is it true ? I ain’t no snitch !

Compared to many distilleries in Scotland, stills at Lagavulin are large and short which is often associated with earthy notes in their whiskies. Please note it is not permitted to take pictures of the still at Lagavulin (also in every Diageo’s distillery and even from some other groups !) so who took that shot ? Who was in charge at this time ? I ain’t no snitch ! Remember ?

So, guys, I hope you’re wearing boots because we’re about to play in the peat bog during that tasting.

Lagavulin 12 yo Special Release 2018

Colour : pale gold.

Nose : when I bring the dram to my nose, I can already smell vanilla in the air, but the second my nose reaches the perfect distance from the glass it becomes definitely earthy, like a faceplant in the mud. With my face on the ground, I also smell some liquorice. It is smoky with cold embers aromas.

Palate : smoky and BBQ taste, citrus and spicy with cinnamon, cloves and ground black pepper, then comes the liquorice and bitterness. Still earthy, a wee bit grassy. I feel something like tobacco smoke, tobacco leaves.

Finish : quite long on the smoke and dry. light wood.

Comment : Quite good, not my favourite Laga 12 Special Release BUT if I don’t compare it with other editions, this is a great whisky well balanced. Delicate rather than punchy !


Lagavulin 12 years old Special Release 2018
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