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Nikka Taketsuru 17yo

Another review by our guest-writer Single Malt 007 !Superb picture for what appears to be a great whisky ! Nikka 17 years old 43% Pure Malt There has been a hype for Japanese whisky these last fe...
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Hakushu 25 Years

Hakushu 25 Years  The 25 year Hakushu is the oldest whisky matured in the distillery of Hakushu (Suntory). The long maturation process has produced a dark amber colour which keeps the signature freshness; sw...
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Mars Komagatake 27 Years (2018)

Mars Komagatake - 27 Years (2018) Is a superb and the Komagatake release for the first part of 2018. The four casks draw an exquisite essence of fruity flavours, some spice and sweetness. To round this off i...