This leather cigar carrier which was given to me by a company called Wallstsmoker/Wallstmaker. They have products ranging from a small block cigar rest to wallets, leather hand bags and carriers for the cigar aficionado. It is a unique carrier which I think separates itself from the other ones out there that are kinda flimsy, smaller, not enough storage and frankly look cheap. This is affordable and looks quite sharp.

The Grand is a piece that was organically created in Toronto and made over seas in China. It is made of 100% genuine leather, it is durable and well designed. Who doesn’t like the smell of leather, like really. It has areas designed inside the case for accessories like a lighter, cutter and the block, one of there small accessories to rest your cigar on while you puff away. I love the look of this cigar case, it feels luxurious and well made. This carrier is made of real genuine leather, the durable zipper and compartments for storing smaller items ie cutter but also that it can hold up to 10 cigars of various sizes, which is crazy !! There is a place to even put your cell phone in the front, neatly tucked away, which is an added bonus for when you need to take that photo and interact..

For me I do love the look of this case, anything that is hand made and leather is great. I appreciate the craftsmanship in this and it is a piece you can pass down to a family member which I like. The Mocha colour is a nice colour tone for any backdrop like the outdoors or in a mancave. A true aficionados piece or for a beginner. I don’t really have anything negative to say about this case, it does what it’s suppose to do and then some.

If you have time to check out this product have a look on Instagram/Facebook and Amazon and pick one up.

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The Grand
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