So this arrived.
Shiny. New.
It would have been nice to share a glass.
To think, you make a suggestive, playful comment that to raise funds to buy a bottle you may perform a certain amount of free hand surgery, potentially sell something and then all of a sudden no one comes round to visit and share a glass of scotch.
Bunch of arseholes.
I mean really, like I’d do that?
Of course I wouldn’t. I’d pile drugs into you first. Still, the invitation is always there.
Any way, the new shiny bottle.
30 and a bit years. Serious age!
43+% abv
Cask and non filtered etc etc.
First fill bourbon cask used.
By my guess work about 12 casks were used.
The label says Highland region. But as expected, no reference as which possible distilleries and that is a bit of a big area with alot of distilleries in it.
Colour. Dark whisky colours.
Oily and waxy in the glass. A lovely viscosity to it as it clings to sides of the glass like an overly tight pair of jeans.
Great big nose of sweet citrus and biscuit.
Big up front kick in bollocks of flavour.
No subtlety at all.
Loads of big sweet caramel, fruit, citrus, digestive biscuity cereal type flavours at the end.
Bourbon and controversially a little more Bourbon with small hint of sherry type stuff in there some where.
Big and hard as bastard nails definitely.
The after taste is sweet biscuity. Goes on happily nothing offensive.
But the big question is where does it come from. I don’t bloody well know. Some of the taste which can be picked out do spring to mind. Clynelish and Glen Elgin have shown similar but that doesn’t mean shit.

My money is on a big dollop of Clynelish in there.
Good quality. Yes.
Good whisky. Yes.
Enjoyable. Yes.
Different animal to the usual. Yes.
A worthy addition. Definitely.

North Star Sirius 30+ year old.
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