High west double rye ( barrel select -BevMo) Limited release finished 1yr 1month barrel type : bourbon ABV : 50.9% $ 50.00 (usd)


Color: deep gold, amber

Nose: pine wood, freshly sharpened pencil, hint of malt at the end.

Palate : all rye spice up front, cloves, sweet red apple and hint of orange at the end.

Finish : medium/ long , continuation of orange with rye spices trickling along.


Comments: for something that’s aged in a bourbon barrel for a year it’s honestly not noticeable. It would’ve been far more convincing to say it was a scotch barrel or even sherry but unfortunately no bourbon notes. Overall an okay rye but better out there for lower prices.

High West Double Rye ( barrel select -BevMo)
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