Blanton’s Original

46.5% ABV

NAS (approx. 9 years old I’ve been told)

Dumped on 29-08-16, Warehouse 9, Rick 16, bottle 75

American White oak casks, charred

75% corn, 15% rye, 10% malted barley (all give or take)

From Buffalo Trace


Blanton’s is a creation from famous Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee, a creation made in honor of Colonel Albert B. Blanton, president of the distillery until 1952. In 1984, Elmer T. Lee (god, I love that name), was asked to create an exceptional Bourbon. He remembered that Colonel Blanton used to hand picked barrel at the center of  Warehouse H for foreign dignitaries. And then was created the first commercial single barrel Bourbon.

Since 1999, all Blanton’s bottles are topped with a jockey and a running horse mounted on the cork. I guess that this is also a shootout, this time to the famous Kentucky Derby and Kentucky’s long tradition of horse races.


Colour : deep caramel.

Nose : hints of vanilla and honey submerged by oak. Citrus and pumpkin complete the experience. There is a warm and round feeling from the nose.

Palate : dry raisins, caramel and vanilla, hints of baking spices, burnt sugar. All those rich flavours are balanced bu fresh fruits like green apples and citrus, especially orange peels. Quite oily, this drink is not too hot for a hot Summer day, yet the alcohol is at a level beginners and experts alike will appreciate.

Final : Long with oil that transforms slowly in dryness. The oak from the nose comes back in full power.

Comments : I have to admit, I have a bias for this Bourbon, and not a small one. It was my first Bourbon purchase and I went nuts when I finished my bottle and realized…I couldn’t find some where I live ! Also, the bottle is pretty awesome and the cork top are collectables.

If I’m being more honest, it is a classic single barrel Bourbon, the first of it’s genre, and it was created in an era where higher proof Bourbon’s were as rare as Pope poop ! It is definitely not bold anymore, but it is very, very, very enjoyable. It can be used as a daily sipper by experienced drinker or to impress your father-in-law or your friends.

Lastly, it is a formidable drink to have while smoking a cigar. Its oiliness on the mouth and its dryness on the finish pair well with smoke and it’s dryness. My favourite order is : rum&coke (or IPA’s) –> cigar –> Blanton’s…drink, puff, drink…repeat !

Blanton's Original
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